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Supporting entreprenuers, managers and executives with vital resources so they can focus on their core mission and business growth.  That idea is at the heart of what the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation does to serve the business community, from large corporations to family-owned small businesses, new entrepreneurial endeavors and existing commercial enterprises. By providing investment, technical assistance and regulatory guidance and serving as a partner for community revitalization initiatives, AAEDC works to foster a conducive climate for investment where businesses can thrive.

We understand that our success is based on your success and that's why whether you are starting a new business, expanding or relocating an existing business or need critical financial resources, AAEDC is ready to help. We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you.

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Combat Veteran Joe Lynch Gives Women a Fighting Chance

With a daughter entering college, Joe Lynch was particularly interested in teaching women how to defend themselves. Statistics have shown that one in four girls will be physically assaulted before finishing their education, and that’s only the reported cases. 

Last November Lynch officially established Annapolis Defense & Security with Aaron Herschman and Mike Yeager and recently moved into new 3,500 square-foot facility in Odenton. 


From Clinical Nurse to Recruiting Extraordinaire

After working as a clinical nurse in the private sector for 25 years, Tracy Balazs landed a job as a government contractor at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and began to learn the ins and outs of government contracting and recruiting. While there, she had the opportunity to care for injured soldiers who had just returned from Iraq and Afghanistan and gained deep respect and appreciation for their sacrifices. 

Little did she know that this new experience would ignite an entrepreneurial spark and give her the background she needed to start her own company. Today, Balazs is the president and CEO of Federal Staffing Resources (FSR), a recruiting company that places people, including veterans, in the Life Sciences, Health and Professional Services industry. 

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